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Our core values; creating a culture of kindness

Our core values; creating a culture of kindness

Working to develop a mindful culture of collaboration for the Business Space Team and our members With years of experience in the tough marketing industry, we understand how our lives are shaped by the people and places that we come from. Understanding each other as...

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The buyer journey and how an effective sales process align

The buyer journey and how an effective sales process align

Working to support businesses to develop their approach to sales is a key step in working to reduced inequalities and gender equality. The more employees have high quality skills in sales, they more successful your company will be in securing clients.  The buyer...

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How to write for the Business Space Collaborative Blog

How to write for the Business Space Collaborative Blog

Blogging is a great way to support your online presence for your business. It can take a bit of time, but once this is done, you can use your writing to make a difference to the way your business is found online.   There are many ways you can organise how your blogs...

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What are the three main steps for a sustainable business?

What are the three main steps for a sustainable business?

According to the United Nations, there are six main areas that will guide you to improving your impact as a sustainable business.   This blog will take you through the three main areas and how this can become a part of the considerations you make when you are building...

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Blogging to a more sustainable future of business, sharing sustainable practices with a cost-effective approach to building organic SEO. 

Why should I be blogging?

Blogging is a way of sharing the expertise within the team of any business. It showcases your skills and your knowledge both B2B and B2C. 

Blogging on our online network allows you to link between our site and yours. This creates a backlink and it strengthens your website domain authority. This supports your SEO and helps your company website to get found on search engines. 

Regularly updated content is a key SEO strategy and building a team business blog strategy with backlinks increased your chances of getting found. 

This is all further supported by your digital advertising space with further links to funnel clients toward you and your business website. 

What should I be blogging about for Business Space Midlands?

The business Blog is a collaborative space for west midlands business owners to share their industry expertise and celebrate how we are all working towards the United Nations’ sustainable development goals.

Our business blog is more than just being Eco friendly. The sustainable development goals are so much more than thinking about being environmentally friendly, carbon neutral or reducing your carbon footprint.

The sustainable Development goals set aspirations to end poverty, hunger, disease, and discrimination while championing innovation and creative solutions to global issues.

Thinking about how we work in business, we can stretch our imagination to consider our working practices and the impact they have on the natural world, the strength of our global economy as well as the social justice and mental health aspects of the way we conduct business across the world.

Every business in every industry has a part to play in this worldwide collaboration to take care of the people on our planet, while also nourishing and nurturing the health of the planet.

Welcome to the Business Space Blog.

Be inspired by our member’s dedication to a sustainable future.

Every change we make, makes a difference.

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