Business Space Midlands supports your digital marketing strategy.

Business Space Midlands is an online platform designed to help you elevate your business through digital marketing, created by an experienced marketing team.

Our online platform includes a local business directory, access to marketing advice, and a collaborative blog for our members to share their knowledge and successes.

It has been developed by the multi-award winning TIEM Design team to offer a more accessible option to support your marketing activities. We offer a free marketing guidance session for members and a free advert when you join.

Why should my business become a member of business space midlands?

West Midlands Business Network


Receive a digital space to advertise your company online, all listings will include:

– Information about your business
– Company contact details
– Company logo
– An advert for your services and/ or products

A free advert when you join

You begin your membership with a free advert designed by TIEM Design for your directory listing.

You can repurpose this A5 landscape advert across your marketing platforms. You can print it on a flyer, a business card, use it on social media or on your business website. 

West Midlands Business Network

marketing guidance meeting

Book a free 30-minute meeting with our marketing team within the first two months of your membership.

Use our experience and knowledge to gain guidance on your website, branding, printing, content or any other marketing question to improve your visibility and develop your approaches to marketing

West Midlands Business Network


Members are given a place to share their work through the collaborative business blog. Celebrate your successes and expertise in your business field.

Only members can upload their blogs which are publicly visible.

West Midlands Business Network

marketing agency discount

You have access to specialist advice from our multi-award-winning creative marketing agency. The TIEM Design team can support you with all of your marketing needs, including website design and development, graphic design for print and digital, content creation and social media strategies.
Members get a 20% discount on their first project with TIEM Design.

West Midlands Business Network

Social media coverage

We love to share and shout about our members on a regular basis.

Do you have something you want us to promote? Increase your social reach by using our audience to support your posts.


Building real connections with trust and authenticity is vital to success in business.

Business Space Midlands has been evolving and growing within the West Midlands business network as a platform for a business of any size, to have a space for sharing, connection, and collaboration.

We are proud to be based in the West Midlands, the heart of England. A diverse and multicultural place for a vast and innovative variety of companies born to thrive.

Follow the links to see our growing network and come and join us.

Welcome to Business Space.

This space is for everyone.

Our newest members


When you introduce a company to Business Space Midlands and they sign up for membership, you both have a year to enjoy a 10% discount on marketing services from Business Space Midlands and TIEM Design.

Members have access to exclusive offers for high-quality digital marketing artwork and website solutions and the advice and guidance of an experienced team

The benefits of business space midlands


The network of businesses in your local area is a vital support system for your business. Sharing our expertise places us all in a position of mutual benefit and by welcoming connections, we grow together.

The flow of information through the collaborative business blogging platform on our West Midlands business network enables our services to be more widely known and allows connection across industries for B2B.


This is a place for your company to reach outwards and share your success. 

Through the services of a multi award winning creative marketing agency, we provide stunning design work to support those in our Business Space, developing your online presence through brand familiarity, click throughs and providing a support to your organic SEO.


Everyone loves a freebie! We offer a free A5 landscape advert when you join to make your directory entry stand out. You can take this advert and repurpose it anywhere you like.

We also offer our members a 30 minute marketing guidance meeting to get to know you and your business a little more, allowing you time to ask any questions you might have about marketing.

What is an Online Business Network?

Business Space Midlands is an online digital advertising space and collaborative business blog where you can advertise your business, demonstrate your specialist knowledge in your industry at the same time and show how you are working to develop the positive impact of your company as we consider the global business community.

Created by the multi award winning digital marketing agency, TIEM Design. Business Space Midlands is an opportunity for connection beyond your immediate local area. In just a few simple steps, you can create your own space for an online advert, introduce your company, and contribute your own writing to the blogs written by other Business Space Midlands members and experts in the field of business marketing.

Marketing in any business is challenging and it is difficult to find what works for you without spending lots of time and money. Business owners are always looking for new and exciting ways to get notice.

As you explore your marketing options, you will find that Business Space Midlands is a simple approach to digital advertising. Our business network has been built through time-efficient and impactful marketing tools that gives you extraordinary value for money.



Meet some of our members

DIGITAL Advertising Space FOR WEST MIDLAND Businesses

connect with local businesses in your area

improve your digital marketing

Share your content and blog with us

free advert when you join

Support from a Multi AWARD Winning Digital Marketing Agency

If you are a brand-new start-up, sole trader or an established business looking to develop your marketing, we can connect you with professional guidance.

Summing up your brand identity in a name or image is a tough ask and there are a thousand ways to find the name for your company. An important process is the exploration of business goals and identity. Capturing the authentic identity of your West Midlands-based business is a cornerstone to your success.

Once this process is complete, you can start to build your brand, the logo design is the first element of the visual representation of your brand identity.

Business Space Midlands can assist you in creating designs or improving the existing logo of an established business. We can also help in developing design assets, social media messaging, website development, and content writing to ensure the right tone of voice.

SEO for business websites with a sustainable approach


As a member of Business Space Midlands, you are given your own page on the platform.

This is a space for you to add your advert alongside information to share your products and services. This link will act as a backline to your website and is somewhere else to shout about your business.

We are offering our members an exclusive opportunity to have a custom-made design for their Business Space Midlands page through the professional, multi- award-winning marketing agency TIEM Design.

Our adverts can be repurposed. You might want to get it printed on a flyer, used on your business card, added to your website or used on social media. You’re free to take it and use it wherever you like!

Members have access to exclusive offers for our high-quality digital marketing artwork and website solutions.

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