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Our whole approach is about reducing the need for face-to-face training and all costs associated with that by putting training online

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About Us
Indegu is an innovative team of dedicated specialists in the creation of customised eLearning. With a passion for creating exceptional learning and instructional resources for industry and education, we are motivated by producing content to meet the intended audience’s needs.

Drawing on our extensive expertise as experienced teachers, we understand that the learner is at the heart of every successful educational endeavour. We are committed to supporting our clients by transforming their materials into captivating, branded online content. If your goal is to make a meaningful impact, then Indegu is here to help you craft an inspiring course that will make a difference for everyone who engages with it.

Our customised eLearning
We pride ourselves on providing affordable and engaging solutions that cater to organisations of any size. Our services reflect the depth of our expertise and consistently deliver lasting results for your workforce and your organisation. Regardless of your eLearning goals, whether you require a fully online or a blended learning approach, we are reliable and committed partners, guiding you every step to unlock the full potential of your knowledge and maximise the benefits for your business and intended audience.

Ready-to-go courses
At Indegu, we provide a wide range of services to satisfy your eLearning requirements. In addition to creating custom training programs and converting existing content into dynamic digital resources, we offer ready-to-go courses covering various topics. These courses were created by specialists and are readily available, saving you time and money.

Sustainable revenue for your organisation
By providing a platform where anyone can promote and sell their knowledge and skills, we also enable people and organisations to monetise their expertise. Whether you are an industry expert, educator, or passionate about a particular topic, Indegu provides the infrastructure and support to help you reach a global audience, generate revenue, and make a lasting impact through your unique knowledge.

Working with us
Choose Indegu to revolutionise your eLearning initiatives and create transformative learning experiences that captivate, educate, and inspire. Let’s empower your organisation with the knowledge and tools it needs to prosper in the ever-evolving world of online education. Whether you’re seeking ready-to-use courses or a platform to sell your own, Indegu is your trusted partner on the path to success.

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