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Drew Deas Photographer Business Space Midlands

Location: Worcester

Sustainability focus:

1. Environmental Responsibility: Minimize environmental impact during shoots, use of eco-friendly materials, and reduce energy consumption and waste.
2. Ethical Sourcing: Sourcing responsibly, opting for sustainable packaging, and choosing ethical props.
3.Digital Workflow: Embrace digital processes for communication, contracts, and image delivery.
4.Green Transportation: Prefer fuel-efficient or electric vehicles, and choose accessible shoot locations.
5.Education: Raise awareness among clients and the automotive community about eco-friendly practices.
6.Studio Efficiency: Use energy-efficient lighting, heating, and cooling when using a studio.
7.Carbon Offsetting: Partner with carbon offset programs to neutralize emissions from your activities.
8.Continuous Improvement: Regularly assess and adjust your sustainability practices for ongoing improvement.

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A passionate commercial photographer with a specialty in automotive work. Experience includes working with renowned brands like Google and Suzuki, ensuring high-quality images that enhance product engagement and elevate marketing materials.

In today’s visually-driven world, captivating imagery plays a vital role in capturing consumers’ attention. As your commercial photographer, I am dedicated to crafting striking visuals that tell your brand’s unique story. Whether it’s showcasing your products, capturing corporate events, or creating alluring campaigns, I have the creative eye and technical expertise to bring your vision to life.

I take a personalised approach to each project, collaborating closely with you to ensure that every shot reflects your brand’s identity and values. With unwavering dedication and attention to detail, I aim to exceed your expectations and deliver outstanding results.

Thank you for considering me as your partner in visually elevating your brand’s presence. I am eager to discuss how we can work together to create a lasting impact and bring your brand’s story to life through extraordinary photography.

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